Class Grit::Head
In: lib/grit/ref.rb
Parent: Ref

A Head is a named reference to a Commit. Every Head instance contains a name and a Commit object.

  r ="/path/to/repo")
  h = r.heads.first       # => "master"
  h.commit     # => #<Grit::Commit "1c09f116cbc2cb4100fb6935bb162daa4723f455">  # => "1c09f116cbc2cb4100fb6935bb162daa4723f455"



Public Class methods

Get the HEAD revision of the repo.

  +repo+ is the Repo
  +options+ is a Hash of options

Returns Grit::Head (baked)


    # File lib/grit/ref.rb, line 88
88:     def self.current(repo, options = {})
89:       head =, 'HEAD')).read.chomp
90:       if /ref: refs\/heads\/(.*)/.match(head)
91:$1, repo.git.rev_parse(options, 'HEAD'))
92:       end
93:     end